Lady Justice: Women of the Court

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About The Podcast

September 17, 2020


Justice Rhonda Wood of Arkansas, Chief Justice Bridget McCormack of Michigan, and Justice Beth Walker of West Virginia discuss the law and its real-world implications.

When we talk about ‘the Constitution’ or ‘the Supreme Court,’ people are generally referring to the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet so many aspects of our daily lives are governed by our state’s laws and our state’s constitution.

Lady Justice: Women of the Court focuses on our nation’s state courts. That is where the vast majority of cases, more than 90 percent, are heard. If they are appealed, state courts often serve as the final arbiters on the issues that are raised.

The justices hope listeners will get to know them as people outside of the courtroom.

The views expressed on the podcast are the justices’ alone and not the views of their respective courts. The podcast is produced by the Arkansas Supreme Court’s Public Education Program.

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