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Episode 08: A Path To Well-Being and Civility

For years, lawyers have struggled with issues like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse at a rate higher than the general population. The women discuss how, historically, there’s been a hands-off approach by the profession to addressing these issues, but that this is changing in some big ways.

We hear from a national expert, Bree Buchanan, who is leading a movement toward recognizing the many benefits of assisting lawyers, law students, and judges with mental health and substance abuse issues and the high cost of turning a blind eye. Plus, the justices share thoughts on promoting civility.

Episode Resources:

The Path To Lawyer Well-Being

The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys

Stress and Resiliency in the U.S. Judiciary

Where Are We on the Path to Law Student Well-Being?


Episode 07: Legal Crusaders

In this episode, the justices examine the lives of women legal crusaders you may not have heard about. Also, the latest numbers are out about the state of women in law firms, which calls for a discussion examining why it might be that women go to law school at the same rate as men yet there remains a significant lack of women in law firm leadership.

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Episode 06: Justice Personified

On this episode, examining the female figure that has become the moral face of the court system: Lady Justice. We see statues of Lady Justice in courthouses across America - the scales, the blindfold, the sword. The women discuss what the imagery means to them personally after some reflection and scholarly reading. 

We’ll also hear from Yale Law School professor and author Judith Resnik, who has spent years studying the history of Lady Justice and the various ways she is portrayed throughout the world. And, it’s a new year and that means new female faces on our nation’s state courts! We’ll introduce you to some of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 05: May It Please The Court

Most Supreme Court cases are decided based on written briefs submitted by attorneys. But sometimes the Court grants oral argument in a case and attorneys have the opportunity to speak directly to the justices in the courtroom. Justices generally know where they stand going in to oral argument. Can oral argument be so effective it changes the mind of a justice and the outcome of a case? 

The women take questions during a virtual event by the Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists. 

Episode 04: A Seat At The Table

The women take questions during a virtual event by the Women’s Chapter of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. Topics include women in leadership and balancing a high-demand career with the responsibilities of motherhood. Plus, holiday memories and good reads!

Episode 03: We’re Going To Appeal This

When a party loses in court, they have the right to appeal the ruling and ask a higher court, known as an appellate court, to review the case. But what happens next? The women provide a behind-the-scenes look at the process. 

Episode 02: How Did I Become A Supreme Court Justice?

The women justices discuss their individual journeys to the bench. 

Tribute To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The women discuss the valuable contributions of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Episode 01: America’s Other Constitutions

Residents of the United States all live under the U.S. Constitution, but every state also has its own Constitution. The women discuss how these written documents can vary rather significantly from state to state.

Episode 01 Trailer: America’s Other Constitutions

On Episode 1 of Lady Justice: examining America’s “other” constitutions. Residents of the United States all live under the U.S. Constitution, but every state also has its own Constitution, and these written documents can vary rather significantly from state-to-state. 

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